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The Little Schemer ebook download

The Little Schemer by Daniel P. Friedman, Duane Bibby, Gerald J. Sussman, Matthias Felleisen

The Little Schemer

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The Little Schemer Daniel P. Friedman, Duane Bibby, Gerald J. Sussman, Matthias Felleisen ebook
Page: 211
Publisher: MIT
Format: djvu
ISBN: 0262560992, 9780262560993

Posted by: Nathan | October 26, 2007 at 08:24 AM. I have just read Chapter 5 of this book. I've finished working my way through The Little Schemer, plus many of the exercises from The Little Lisper. I haven't read The Little Lisper, but The Little Schemer is a great book. On page 41 after simplification of the rember function, there is a question-respond that I don't understand very well. Coding Challenge: bring your favourite languages, solve a small practical real-world problem from Stack Overflow in a functional fashion, let's hack and learn from each others' solutions [1] [2]. Áも、きちんと記事にするのって結構面倒だな。 本当は、consされていく様も書きたいところ。 8章もあとちょっとだ。 ここまで下記溜めておいたThe Little Schemer記事をとりあえず公開しよう。 The Little Schemer. Question: I think `eqlist?' is horrible, because I can easily write `equal?' without this. The comments to this entry are closed. I'm new to Clojure so I found Harpreet Singh's mappings between Scheme and Clojure very useful. Q: So why don't we simplify right away? The Little Schemer, whose previous editions are titled The Little Lisper, takes a different approach to most technical books. Yesterday I started working through The Little Schemer using Clojure. I'd love to see something like it for Ruby.

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